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Term 1 2017 – 2018

Each term our newsletter will share general information about what’s happening in the classroom this term. It will also give you an outline of what we will be learning in the main curricular areas, as well as telling you about any new activities we will be experiencing.


The term schedule regarding specialists and PE slots is currently planned as follows:

Monday – PE with Miss Bedford at St Lawrence Hall.

Tuesday – French and RME with Mrs Leith.

Thursday – Music with Miss Smith and also band rehearsals for those involved.

Friday – Health and Wellbeing and PE with Miss Crawford.


This term our class topic will be The Victorians in which we will explore what life was like for children during the Victorian Era. We will be discovering what life was like inside a Victorian classroom, exploring famous Victorians such as Florence Nightingale and Charles Dickens, investigating the impact of Victorian technology on modern society and exploring the differences between what lives would have been like for a Victorian child compared to what it’s like for children today.


Listening and Talking – Towards the end of the term we will be creating and delivering individual presentations based on The Victorians. We will be focussing on our presentation skills, thinking about expression and pace.  We will continue to share work with each other whilst listening and sharing our views and opinions across the curriculum.

Reading – At the start of the term we have been reading our class novel, The Hodgeheg. We have been focussing on visualisation and characterisation. We will also take part in reading within a group in class and will have set reading to do at home each week. On Wednesday and Thursday we will participate in ERIC (Everyone Reading In Class) time alongside P6/7. This is a fifteen minute silent reading period in which we will choose an Accelerated Reading book.

Writing – This term, P4/5 will focus on developing their skills in writing through VCOP (vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation). We will also focus on writing biographies and autobiographies, including writing for a famous Victorian and writing from the point of a view of a Victorian child.

How you can help at home: Please ensure your child is doing their reading homework at home so they are ready to take part in discussions in their class reading groups. P4 reading homework will be given on a Monday and Wednesday. Whilst P5 reading homework will be given on a Tuesday and Thursday. During reading, encourage open discussion on themes, structure, writing styles and characters.


Core Number Work –This term we will develop our knowledge of place value – ordering, sequencing and partitioning numbers. After which we will develop our knowledge and skills in the number processes through addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will also be improving our mental maths skills throughout the year. This term in topic maths Mr Ferguson will be focussing on time.

How you can help at home: Using what is learnt in the classroom in the real world is the best way to help develop understanding. Through shopping, saving pocket money, discussing receipts and bills, children will continuously develop their number knowledge.


Health and Wellbeing

P.E. – The class will continue to have two PE sessions a week (Monday and Friday). We will be working on developing our fitness through various athletic activities. Please continue to ensure that your child has a full PE kit.

Social, Emotional, Physical Wellbeing – Our focus for health and wellbeing will be on the building of positive relationships. We will be learning about our rights and responsibilities as well as finding ways in which we can be encouraging towards our peers.

Through our class novel, The Hodgeheg, we will also be learning about the road safety, assessing and managing risks and learning how to respond in emergency situations.

We hope you find this information helpful and supportive. If you have any further questions of concerns please contact Miss Bedford of Mr Ferguson.