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Class Newsletter for P4,5,6,7

Term 3 2016-17


Each term our class letter will give general information about what’s happening in the classroom. It will also give you an outline of what we will be learning in the main curricular areas, as well as telling you about any new activities we will be experiencing.

Our Topic

Firstly, we will conclude our Bennachie project, by presenting all our learning in the form of e-books created on our new iPads. We will be answering our Topic question, “Would Bennachie be better if we chopped down all the trees?” using all the evidence we have gathered.

Then, we will go onto explore what newspapers and websites are reporting about our health, and whether their information can be trusted. We will be researching relevant health issues and making our own reports using creative iPad apps, extending our ICT skills, as well as learning about the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle by making informed choices.

This topic will link with our Health Week, that is taking place in June.

How you can help at home: Share interesting news reports and headlines about health that you read, watch or listen to.


Listening & Talking – We will continue building confidence when presenting work to the whole class, sharing our learning as well as questioning others.

Reading – Before the long summer holidays start, we will be exploring our favorite authors in order to promote reading within the school. Children will research and become their chosen authors for TV interviews, advertising their books to the school. We will also continue working through the Accelerated Reader Scheme, and do more in-depth studies of news reports and fact books in class.

Writing – We have started off the term with a review of creative writing, showing how much the children have all improved. Now, our focus is on presenting facts and opinions in reports, tying in with our Topic. We will be presenting evidence clearly, using quotes successfully and drawing our own conclusions by writing summaries.

How you can help at home: Encourage reading 10 minutes of Accelerated Reader books, or anything else of interest, every day. This could include fact books, cookery books, magazines and comics. Any reading practice will help build confidence in all areas of literacy, as well as extending general knowledge.


We will continue to use decimals and percentages when solving money problems, learning how important it is to budget, save and spend wisely. Then our knowledge of decimals will be used when measuring length, mass and volume in real world contexts.

Finally, we will be handling and presenting data researched through our Topic, using different types of graphs and charts effectively.

How you can help at home: Using what is learnt in the classroom in the real world is the best way to help develop understanding. Through cooking, shopping, saving pocket money, discussing receipts and bills, children will extend their number knowledge, realising how important their newly learnt skills are.

Health and Wellbeing

This is the best term to get out and get active, so we will be doing as much PE as possible in the open air.

Health Week gives everyone a chance to try new activities and learn more about the importance of mental and physical wellbeing.

In class, we will continue to develop our positive Growth Mindsets towards learning, sharing challenges and learning from mistakes.

How you can help at home: Enjoy the sunshine!

By sharing your mistakes ,and discussing how you overcame challenges, children will become more confident in talking about and learning from their own.

Useful Websites

www.bbc.co.uk/education – BBC resources for all primary levels

www.topmarks.co.uk – Fun online games for all areas of the curriculum.

www.Glow.rmunify.com – Children can log in at home and use learning resources and links.

www.nhs.uk/LiveWell – A great site to check if health headlines are true or not.

Please contact Mr Ferguson or Mrs Thomas if you have any further queries.