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Primary 6/7 Newsletter

Term 1 – Mrs Baldwin

Dear parent/carer,

Firstly I would like to welcome everyone to Primary 6/7. We are looking forward to a busy year! If you ever have any questions or wish to speak to me please do not hesitate to get in contact by coming into school or by phone,


The children in P6/7 have the opportunity to listen and discuss aspects of their work with members of the class regularly, through group work and topic. As a class, children will read the novel ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar, this term.

In reading, children will undertake short Guided Reading sessions along with comprehension and independent activities. Children will continue to have reading homework to complete, this is linked to the accelerated reader scheme that we use throughout the upper stages. Children should aim to ready for 20 minutes per day.

Children will receive spelling words on a Monday which they will practise in class and, on occasion, at home. On a Friday there will be a partner dictation to assess learning of spelling words.

Once a week children will participate in our Big Write session (often coordinated with the topic we are studying) which will allow them to develop skills in a number of areas including diary writing, poetry writing and story writing.

How can you help? Read with your children as often as possible, encourage them to investigate any words they are unsure of. Discuss with your child books they enjoy and take them to the library to find more books which fit with the accelerated reader scheme. http://www.arbookfind.co.uk/ Your child should know their target book level.


This term Primary 6/7 will be focussing on whole number and number processes with myself, as well as measurement with Mr Ferguson. The class will use these skills across the curriculum as we look into one and two step problem solving activities as well.

We will also be refreshing our knowledge of number facts and number process techniques.


Written homework will be given out dependent on topic and class requirements. Reading homework is continual throughout the term to support continued development.


This term Primary 6/7 will be learning all about the history of the Jacobites and the Redcoats. They will be investigating who they sympathise with. This will include looking at key events, different beliefs, weapons, clothing and the effect on society following the events.

Teaching Staff

This term visiting specialists teaching P6/7 are Mrs Leith teaching french, Mrs Smith teaching Music and Miss Crawford teaching PE.

Mr Ferguson will be teaching one day a week.

Weekly Timetable

Monday – PE with Mrs Baldwin

Tuesday – French with Mrs Leith

Wednesday – Mr Ferguson

Thursday – Music and Band with Mrs Smith

Friday – PE with Miss Crawford.

PE can happen on any day of the week, if your child wears earrings that cannot be removed please provide them tape to apply.

How can you help? Everyday items/Equipment

Please ensure that your child comes to school prepared for the school day with their accelerated reading book, PE kit and water bottle.

A water bottle is of particular importance due to the current layout of the classroom, trips to the water fountain can cause disruption to the P4/5 class and should be kept to a minimum.

Please check that your child’s name is on all their belongings. We already have one jumper in lost property.


Many thanks for your support.

Mrs Baldwin